Attitude Pilates Studio



Attitude Pilates Studio

Pilates Attitude – The Only Pilates Oasis in România

Attitude Studio translates into an oasis of freshness in which your whole body and mind will feel revived as after a charging session with positive vibrations. Centrally located, just 2 minutes from Victory Square, our studio is located on the 4th floor, from which the view over Bucharest is quite spectacular.

Reasons to come in our Pilates Studio:

  • You’ll find a full range of pilates apparatus: Reformer, MOTR®, Cadillac, Ped-o-pull, EXO Chair, Ladder Barrel, Bodhi Suspension System etc .;
  • You’ll work with a team of dedicated coaches with over 10 years of experience;
  • You’ll enjoy both individual and group sessions;
  • You’ll have access to complementary services (such as massage);
  • You’ll get customized services and programs depending on the performance you want to achieve or the affections you want to treat;
  • The studio is located in the center of Bucharest, in a special designed wellbeing studio;
  • As you prepare for a new pilates session, you can have a tea, socialize, or enjoy the panoramic view.

“The art of Pilates is looking at the body and knowing the most direct way to address it.” – Jaseph H. Pilates